TradingPoint Review

TradingPointTradingPoint is a well renowned forex broker that was established in 2009 and is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. They offer service for trading forex in approximately 180 different countries and with 7 different languages to choose from. TradingPoint has made a name for themselves for being customer-oriented in all they do.

This online forex broker operates under the Cypriot Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law of 2007. They offer extremely fair trading in terms of market execution and they hold no re-quotes on customer orders. This makes them one of the most unique and most favored forex brokers among traders.

Their goal is to create a long-term relationship with their customers and continue to provide them with the best resources to trade forex online. They claim that one of their goals is to achieve excellence in the things that they do and with their platform and services, you will come to realize that this is true.

TradingPoint’s Forex Platform

The forex trading platform that TradingPoint uses for the customer is the MT4 platform. Being one of the most technologically advanced trading platforms, it creates a user-friendly experience and allows traders to customize to their own liking.

With TradingPoint however, you only have the option of downloading the platform to your computer. For most this isn’t a negative thing, since they want the trading platform right on their computer for their own convenience. This gives you full access to all of their trading tools and indicators that will help you in your forex trading.

The MT4 platform is designed specifically for analyzing the current market trends and conducting quick trade executions. This trading platform also allows traders to manage their own trading style and it will adapt to the things that you want to do. With such an impressive platform, traders will never need to worry about the execution of a trade taking too long to complete.

Automated Trading

TradingPoint also offers their customers the option of an automated trading system that they can use for their own forex trading needs. Their automated trading MetaQuotes MQL4 a built in language for programming trading strategies. The MQL4 language allows traders to create their own Expert Advisor that renders the trade process management automatically.

With this software you can create your own person custom indicators, scripts, and libraries of function. By allowing you to create your own customization, you can be more confident in the automated trading program since you set it to do exactly what you want. This makes for one of the best features of TradingPoint’s forex platform.

TradingPoint Deposit Bonus

The bonuses at TradingPoint are considered to be some of the best in the industry and they have been adding more as they continue to expand. Right now their initial deposit bonus is a 20% match on whatever you deposit. This makes for a good amount of extra cash to trade with and helps your financial capital.

After your first deposit and the bonus of 20%, traders receive a 10% bonus on every deposit that they make after that. So no matter how many times you decide to deposit at TradingPoint, they will add 10% to that deposit. So, in terms of a forex trading business and being successful in that business, these bonuses really add up and continue to help you along the way.

TradingPoint also offers a variety of deposit options for their customers to choose from. These options include credit cards, NETeller, Moneybookers and wire transfers. With these being the most common ways to deposit funds, most people have no problem getting an account. If you want to check out more of what they have to offer, visit TradingPoint today.

Education and Trading Tools

When it comes to forex education and providing ways for traders to learn more about the market and how to trade forex, TradingPoint has all that you will need. They offer training on everything related to forex including technical analysis, fundamental analysis, forex brokers and how to be a successful trader. This is one of the most helpful resources when just starting to trade forex.

TradingPoint also offers an excellent selection of different trading tools and indicators once you have downloaded their MT4 trading platform. They have real-time price quotes, as well as chart analysis and indicators that will make sure you know when to make the right trades. You will also be able to keep up with current market events so that you can learn to predict the market’s moves.

Trader Support Services

TradingPoint offers their traders live support 24/5 during all trading hours. They have made sure to train their support staff in a professional manner in order to make sure that they can assist all of their customers with top of the line service. They also provide questions and answers from other customers that may help you through any issue that you may be having.

Their support team can be reached through online live chat, email and telephone. The customer support staff is very quick to give you an answer and they make sure to stay with you until your problem is resolved. We found live chat to be the best way to contact them with a problem because they are always with you and don’t put you on hold.