Hot Forex Review

Hot ForexHot Forex has been online since 2010 and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after forex brokers in the market today. They have customers from all different areas of the world and their strength continues to grow with more and more customers being added every day.

Hot Forex is based out of Mauritius and is supported by worldwide Customer Management Centre’s. They provide their traders with a one of a kind trading experience with quality trading tools, software and platforms. Everything that you will need to trade forex online is provided to you by Hot Forex.

Hot Forex Trading Platform

When it comes to looking for a forex trading platform, Hot Forex has everything that a trader could possibly be looking for. Most forex traders are looking for a platform that they can trade with on their home computer as well as some sort of mobile trading platform to use when they are on the go. Well Hot Forex has all of them.

They offer a downloadable MT4 platform that gives you full access to all of their forex trading resources. The great thing about this is that it’s downloaded right on your own computer. They also have a full WebTrader version in which you can trade right through the web browser. Beyond that, they also offer a smart phone mobile trader and an iPhone trader as well.

MT4 Trading Platform

The MT4 platform is by far their most popular trading platform used. Hot Forex has taken the MetaTrader 4 platform and turned it into a great user-friendly trading interface with interbank liquidity and fast execution. The Hot Forex MT4 is one of the most exciting trading platforms available today.

The MT4 also offers a variety of trading tools that give users a cutting edge technology to use while trading forex. It has more than 50 built-in indicators and tools to help simplify the analysis, determine trends and also determine entry and exit points. These features and many more make the Hot Forex MT4 trading platform one of the absolute best.

Hot WebTrader

The Hot WebTrader is used directly through your web browser making it very simple to get started because there is nothing to download. The interface is very user-friendly and highly customizable. You can set things up according to your own trading needs and change it as you develop into a better trader. This platform is compatible with PC, Mac and Linux systems.

Hot Forex Mobile Trader

The Hot Forex mobile trader gives you full access to their trading station and gives you a fully functional trading terminal. With this mobile trader you are able to use your PDA’s, Smartphone systems and iPhone’s. The multi-lingual support allows you to switch between languages and it provides you with up-to-date news and forex market information.

Hot Forex Deposit Bonus

Hot Forex has a little bit different set up when it comes to their first time deposit bonus for traders. It has changed a few times since they came online but right now they offer a 50% Withdraw bonus that is intended to increase a customer’s trading volume. This is set up in a way that requires you to meet a minimum trade requirement before you are able to actually withdraw that bonus money.

Not only do they offer the 50% Withdraw bonus but they allow the trader to choose between that and a 15% “Rescue Bonus.”  This bonus offer is intended to protect accounts from drawdown periods. However, under this bonus you cannot withdraw that money but it can be used as increased leverage. You can take advantage of either bonus offer by visiting

For many traders, it s a benefit to be able to choose which bonus suits them better and it allows you the option of deciding. Hot Forex also offers many deposit options including Visa, MasterCard, NETeller, Liberty Reserve, AlertPay, Moneybookers, Perfect Money, WebMoney and UnionPay. Each of these provides a safe way to deposit funds to trade forex with.

Forex Education and Trading Tools

Even though Hot Forex provides one of the most quality trading platforms online, they have found the time to put in a lot of time for their trading tools for customers. They have created a system to give you real-time price quotes and excellent sources for doing technical analysis. This is one of the big advantages of trading with Hot Forex because they help make you a better trader.

On the same note, they also have educational material for learning to trade forex even before you start trading. This makes for a great way to get started because you can learn all you need to know from professional forex traders and when you’re ready you will already have an excellent platform to trade forex on.

Customer Support

The trading hours at Hot Forex are from Sunday at 22:00 GMT to closing time on Friday22:00 GMT. During this time, live support is available through email, phone and live chat. They have made it very easy to get in contact with their support staff and no matter where you are from, they have services for all around the globe.

When it comes to forex knowledge, their trained support staff is one of the best. Not only are they extremely friendly but they also have a great deal of experience with handling any type of question that a trader might have. This makes for an easy transition into the forex market.