Forex4You Review

Since Forex4You’s founding, they have expanded exponentially and continue to make a large presence throughout the forex market. Starting as a 7 person operation, they have grown to new levels and now have traders from all over the world.

Forex4You has many different benefits for traders including demo and pro accounts, high quality trading tools, forex education and excellent customer support. They strive to make sure that they’re customers are well taken care of and have everything they need to succeed in the forex market.

Once you are on their site, you will see that they have a forex based mindset and will provide you with the necessary tools to succeed. They offer many different accounts for traders to open up and you can decide based on your own person situation and desires. No matter what you do there, they will be with you the whole way.

Forex4You Trading Platform

The forex trading platform at Forex4You is a MetaTrader 5 system that you can test with a demo account for your own convenience. This is one of the newest platforms available and is still being refined by many forex brokers. Forex4You however has done an excellent job so far making it fit all the needs of their users.

Even though this platform has a little less history than others such as the MT4, it is still considered to be one of the most up-to-date and fully functional trading platforms used today. It allows you to make quick and precise trades, as well as keep up-to-speed with everything going on in the market including news, price quotes and analysis.

MetaTrader 4 Platform

Their original platform and the one that is used for real trading at Forex4You is the MT4 platform. This well-known platform is considered the best system for trading forex online. They continue to make updates and make it customizable for their customers to use for their own personal needs.

With this platform you will be able to make instant order executions, keep confidentiality, use the best tools and indicators and get market alerts for your trading. Not only that but they offer a MultiTerminal platform that allows you to 128 customer accounts at one time. This makes for a great way to multi-task while trading forex.

With the MultiTerminal feature you are able to simultaneously trade on multiple accounts while still getting real-time quotes and news. With this platform you can also use the build-in-mail system and keep a complete history of all past operations. This will come in handy whenever you need to look back at previous trades.

Forex4You Bonus Promotion

Forex4You has a little bit different bonus program than many of the other online forex brokers. The way that this offer works is that they allow you to choose the percentage of bonus that you want, anywhere from 5% to 50% but the higher the percentage, the more trading turnover you have to produce. So in a way it is kind of a good thing because it lets the trader determine their own bonus structure.

They also offer a 25% return of spread sum if the trader makes a proper trade on their account. So if you are an active trader and plan on continuing that, Forex4You has a good bonus program since they will continually reward their traders for being fully active in their forex trade.

You can sign up for a new demo account or real money account by visiting Forex4You. They accept many different deposit methods including WebMoney, Failsafe Payment, Visa, MasterCard, NetPay, Moneybookers, Liberty Reserve and bank wire transfer.

Forex Education and Tools for Trading

The educational material at here is not what we would call the best but it does the job. They have plenty of articles dealing with the forex market: what it is and how to trade in it. If you are a new trader and you sign up with Forex4You, you can still learn a lot about being a successful forex trader. However, if you are looking to really learn the market well, Forex4You would not be our top choice.

Their trading tools on the other hand are exceptional. With their platform they provide some of the best analytical tools and indicators that you will find in the market. As you are trading, you will have all of these tools right at your fingertips and they are very easy to use. With the tools that Forex4You provides, you will be able to make quick and educated decisions.

Customer Support Services

The Forex4You customer support staff is well trained and very friendly when it comes to dealing with any questions or problems that may come up. They pride themselves on being able to answer and resolve any issue. Traders are able to contact them during all trading hours by telephone, email and live chat.

The live chat feature is very convenient and quick. As long as they are online, you will have someone typing with you and they will stay with you until you are satisfied with the resolution. They also have many locations with international telephone numbers for many different countries.