Forex Live Accounts

Getting started with a live online forex account can be a little bit scary for some people, especially those who have never done it before. The majority of people who eventually want to start up online with a live forex account find themselves better off trying out a demo account with the broker that they chose until they are ready to start trading for real money.

Once you have figured out which forex broker you want to start an account with, all you need to do is make your first deposit in order to start up a live account. Obviously, we suggest for any beginning traders to start off with a demo account. This will allow you to get familiar with the trading platform and also give you time to trade in real time without risking your own money.

Starting a live account is probably one of the biggest challenges that most people have when initially entering the forex market. Since the market is so vast and so unfamiliar to many, it is often a frightening reality when they decide to invest. Most people, especially those from the US, have only ever really known about the stock market when it comes to investing.

Learning something new can be huge challenge for many people but in this case it is almost always a positive move. Many people who leave other investment markets in order to enter the forex find that it was the best financial decision that they ever made. Being the largest financial market in the world, many people have found they can make good investments during any market activity.

Importance of a Live Account

The only way to start making money on your forex investments is obviously to start up your own live trading account. This will be done when you decide the best forex broker to use for your own personal investing. We suggest taking a look at our list of the best forex brokers in order to get an idea of what broker would be best for you when getting started.

Once you have your broker picked out, you will have no problem starting up a new live tading account. Any one of the brokers that we list on this site make it a very simple process and will have you trading on your own in no time. Also, with many of these live accounts, the support staff will help you for as long as you think you might need it.

One of the most important things you can find from a forex broker is a good support staff that is available 24 hours a day as long as the market is open. Many new traders can get confused early on and it is vital that a support staff is there in order to make sure you don't make any big financial mistakes. A knowledgeable staff is something that any new trader will want to watch out for when starting a live account.

Open a Live Account

When you are ready to begin trading online, we suggest opening a live account at eToro, our top choice for an online forex broker. With eToro you will find everything that you need in order to get started including an excellent bonus offer, a top of the line trading platform and one of the best customer service staffs available today.

At eToro you will be able to receive a first-time deposit bonus of up to $10,000 in order to help you get started investing in the forex market. Just visit eToro now and sign up for a new account. Once you have done that, you will have the option of either starting with a demo account or you can simply deposit money and have your own live trading account.