Online Forex Brokers

When trading forex online, one thing you will need to find is a trusted forex broker to get a trading account with. These brokers have developed trading platforms and tools in order for retail traders to use in the market. Many of the best forex brokers provide learning tools and support to help their traders succeed in the trading market.

Our guide to online forex brokers will provide you with everything you need to know about brokers including which ones really are the best, what they do for you, account information and reviews of individual forex brokers. Here you will learn how to choose which broker is right for you and how to open up a new account with them.

Best Rated Forex Brokers

Below we have our top picks for the best online forex brokers based on reputation, trading platform, tools, bonuses and much more. We have gone through and thoroughly reviewed each one for your convenience. If you decide you want to visit one of these brokers, simply click on their link and you will be taken to their own site.

Each one of the brokers that we have listed here have been tested for safety as well as market reputation. We don’t recommend any that may be in question of scamming traders or paying out money due to their customers. These are names that have earned respect throughout the forex market.

Broker Reviews

If you are someone who is looking for more information on a particular broker before deciding which one to trade with, our in-depth reviews will provide you with all you need to know. Each of the best forex brokers have been reviewed here and includes detailed information on such things as deposit bonuses, trading platform technology, trader support and many more.

Choosing the right broker for trading forex is one of the most important decisions that you can make when entering this financial market, so we suggest taking a close look at our reviews we have listed below.

Whenever you are ready to visit one of these broker sites and sign up for a new account, you can click on any one of the many links throughout that specific review. Once you have done that, you will be eligible to take full advantage of that broker’s bonus offer.

Best Forex Trading Platforms

One aspect that is particularly relevant for a trader when selecting which Forex broker to use is the quality of the trading platform used. Indeed, it could be argued that the trading platform is the most important factor to consider as the quality of the trading platform will have a great effect on your trading experience. Different Forex brokers have their own software that you will be using to actually make your trades and the usability and functionality of these different trading platforms can vary quite significantly from one Forex broker to the next.

The Forex brokers that we have chosen to list on this site all offer trading platforms that are relatively easy to use and have a variety of helpful features and tools. To some extent, what makes for the best Forex trading platform is a matter of personal opinion. Most Forex brokers give the option of setting up a demo account where you can try out their trading platform before actually depositing funds. If you are new to online Forex trading, then it might be advisable to try out a couple of different trading platforms and see which ones suit you best.

Additional Information

When it comes to learning about online forex brokers, there is a lot of other information that you will want to be familiar with when jumping into the forex market. A lot of this stuff will be very helpful as you go and the more that you are able to know, the better off you will be. The articles we have listed below will help you get more information as you go.Trading Forex Online

These articles and many others that we have in our forex guide, will help ensure your knowledge of trading forex and make sure you get started on the right foot. Once you have mastered the basics of forex you will be able to get into things such as technical analysis as well as other forex trading fundamentals.