AvaFX Review

AvaFXFounded in 2006, AvaFX is one of the world’s best online forex brokers. Led by a team of financial experts in online technology, they have been providing traders with one of the most unique forex trading experiences available today.

AvaFX has grown exponentially the past few years and now have over 150,000 traders in their online community. They handle over 1.5 million trades per month with a total trading volume of over $50 billion/month. This is one forex broker that you can be assured will know what they are doing with your investment.

This broker offers one of the most unique trading platforms along with great learning materials and helpful trading tools to use along the way. Being a customer-oriented broker, they have made it their mission to provide their traders with everything they need to succeed in the forex market.

AvaFX Online Trading Platform

The AvaFX trading platform is one of the most user-friendly platforms that you will find out there. They have created it to be extremely adaptable to each individual trader and you are able to customize it to fit your forex trading needs. With quick trading access and live streaming prices, they provide one of the best forex trading platforms online today.

They have also developed what they call “one click trading” which allows traders using their platform to make quick trades with one click of their mouse. This part of their platform is usually used by the more confident traders and makes for a much more convenient way to go about things.

This platform allows you to keep up-to-date with everything that is going on in the market and gives you the ability to make big trades whenever you need. AvaFX has prided itself on being one of the most unique forex trading platforms and you will get the feel of being a professional trader.

MetaTrader 4 Platform

Their MetaTrader 4 platform is a dream come true for traders. It is a complete workplace for traders, equipped with everything you need for being a great forex trader. This platform provides you with all the essential tools needed to analyze the market prices, as well as all of the intricate details that will help give you an edge over other traders.

The AvaFX MetaTrader 4 platform is server-based and takes online forex trading to all new levels. With an easy to learn set-up, traders have no problem diving right in and taking control of their own trades through this forex platform. Once you have experienced this type of trading, you may never want to go back to a regular forex trading platform.

Ava Auto Trader

The Auto Trader platform is one of their newest additions. It gives you the options of mirror trading, which is where you can see what experienced traders are doing and how they trade and then you can mirror what they have done. This makes for one of the most helpful aspects of this forex broker when it comes to new and inexperienced traders.

AvaFX Deposit Bonus

With AvaFX, the deposit bonus set up for new traders is on a scale of four different levels. These levels pertain to the amount you decide to put up on the first deposit. Ava FX has one of the higher bonuses in online forex trading and if you are able to make a large first-time deposit, you can make out with a lot of extra bonus cash to trade with.AvaFX Bonus

Silver: Deposit $300 and Receive $75 Bonus*

Gold: Deposit at least $1,000 and Receive $150-$1,000**

Platinum: Deposit $10,000 and Receive $1,200**

Ava Premium: Deposit $50,000 and Receive special VIP benefits

*Minimum deposit for opening a Silver account is $100 **Bonus depends on deposit amount and method. Call Customer Support for more details at +1-212-941-9609 ***The level of deposit required to receive the bonus is in the base currency of Ava FX account.

AvaFX allows many different methods for depositing funds including credit cards, wire transfer, PayPal, Moneybookers, e-gold and WebMoney.

Resource Center and Trading Tools

AvaFX has developed one of the most in-depth resource centers for online forex brokers. Here you will find everything thing from a complete education center, in which they will take you through how to trade and what can make you a better trader, to trading tools and charts to help you while you trade in real-time.

The technology that AvaFX uses to keep their traders in all of the markets news and activity is among the absolute best and once you have experienced it you will understand why. It keeps quick updates and has everything you need to know when it comes to technical analysis in the market. This is where you can turn from being a good trader into being a great trader.

Not only do they have an excellent education center and tools for trading, but they also provide a full EBook for you to have and read through to learn everything you want. This is something that you will be able to download and keep for yourself while you learn to become a more successful trader. To trade forex with this broker gives you every opportunity to be a profitable trader in the forex market.

Trader Support

AvaFX’s customer support services can be reached anytime by phone, email and live chat. They make it as easy as possible to get in contact with them and their staff is quite knowledgeable when it comes to needing any sort of question answered.

Since they have traders from over 150 different countries, they provide telephone numbers for 33 different countries including the USA, Russia, Canada, France, Spain and many more. They are ready and available to help you with any question and they will always stick with you until the issue has been resolved.