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Welcome to, your site for everything you'll need to know about how to trade forex. Forex (also known as fx) trading has become one of the most popular ways for people from all around the world to invest their money, both for the short term and the long term. The foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid financial market and it continues to grow as more and more investors flock to it for their investment future.

Foreign exchange has been going on since ancient times when people would help others exchange money for commissions. However, it was in 1973 when the forex market as we know it today really developed and became what most refer to as a floating market. This means that there is now relatively free trade conditions and controlled foreign exchange stopped.

Today, fx trading has become the world's largest financial market and continues to grow as it has taken to the online market. Now anyone is able to trade forex at anytime from the convenience of their own home. Even though this may sound like it would be easy to do, there is a lot to be learned about the foreign exchange market if you want to ensure success with your investments.

Online Forex Brokers

One of the first things that you will need in order to do any forex trading online is to find the right broker. This can actually be pretty difficult since there are so many out there, so that is why we have created what we believe to be a list of the best fx brokers online today. We suggest taking a look at the reviews for each one before deciding but we highly recommend any one of these brokers for both new and experienced traders.

One of the best things about all these forex brokers is the fact that they offer detailed training and educational tools to help you get started in the foreign exchange market. Once you are signed up to trade with one of them, you will have full access to all of their training material in order to help prepare you to become a better investor.

Since fx trading is so in-depth, we suggest taking your time studying the market and strategy on how to trade before you actually start investing your real money. One of the best ways to do this is to open up a demo trading account with one of these brokers. This will allow you to get a real feel for what the market is like and what it will take for you to feel comfortable investing your own money.

Broker Reviews

Since choosing the right broker is so important to a trader's success we have personally reviewed many of the best forex brokers out there and have made them available to our readers. We suggest taking a close look through the reviews of any broker you might be considering before deciding on only one. This will help you make sure that you get started with the right one.Trade Forex Online

Our comprehensive reviews cover areas such as the types of trading platforms that each broker offers, deposit bonuses and also their educational and trading tools. Be sure to know what is most important to you because this will help make the decision much easier and in a shorter period of time.

To see a full list of all our reviews be sure to check out our forex brokers page. There you will find out much more detailed information about online brokers.

Guide to Foreign Exchange

Our forex guide goes in-depth on the fx market and give you detailed information both on what the market is all about and strategy and tools to make you a better trader. The market is so vast and so lucrative that even the most successful investors in the world are always learning more and more everyday on what they can do to become better.

One of the main keys to success when it comes to trading forex is accepting the fact that you will never be done learning. Once you realize and embrace that, you will be on your way to being a much better trader. Be sure that you are always doing your research and finding out different tools and strategies to use in order to help you along the way. Below we have listed several of our fx articles to help you get started and throughout you will find many more.

The foreign exchange market can be an incredibly profitable market if you understand how it works and what you need to do while trading. The market is all about timing and making decisions at the best times. It will take dedication and determination but with solid information we truly believe that you have what it takes to be successful while investing in the forex market.